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The Blue Abyss Dive Shop has been established in Moalboal since 1997 and is located right at the sea. We offer daily dive trips which will be accompanied by an experienced Instructor who is familiar with the diving area for more than 20 years.

We reach the dive sites with our  12m Banca boat which can accommodate all our divers. A large awning provides shade on the mostly sunny days. There is always an oxygen unit, first aid kit, spare diving equipment and  a mobile phone on board. 

After the dive we serve our guests small appetizers like biscuits. Water, coffee or tea is available free of charge. Three large tables in our garden like area invite for reading, filling out your log book or sharing the latest excitement from your dive.WiFi connection is available free of charge.


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Blue Abyss Dive Shop is fully equipped with modern, well-maintained rental equipment. All our regulators have a pressure gauge, depth gauge and an octopus/alternate air source to assure your safety.

BCD’s you will find in all sizes as well as 3mm wetsuits. We use 12 liter aluminum tanks with international valves. If your regulator has a DIN fitting you should bring an international adapter. Brand new gear like mask, snorkel and different assets you find for sale in our retail area.

The Dive shop offers an impressive variety on literature about marine life, so you will be able to identify most of the species you have seen on your dives.


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What can we say:”We love the ocean!”

It’s our passion and our daily bread and the same love for the environment which we all share has brought us together as a great team.

Some of our crew are with Blue Abyss since  November 1997, some others have joined us later and are still with us for so many years.

We will be happy to meet you in person and make your diving holiday an enjoyable experience.