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We offer 3 boat dives a day at 8.30am, 11.00 am and 2 pm, to all Moalboal dive sites which are reached within 5 – 15 minutes. In the afternoon at 4.00 pm we offer a dive on our house reef or a night dive at 6 pm. Our maximum dive time is 70 minutes or 50 bar remaining tank pressure.

The dives are limited to a maximum depth of 40 meters. All boat dives are accompanied by  experienced Instructors or Divemasters. We use a big Banca boat with a large awning that provides shade on sunny days. There is always an oxygen unit, first aid kit and  a mobile phone on board.


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The House Reef is located right in front of our doorstep  and offers a beautiful coral reef with a vertical wall dropping down to 40 meters.  Especially for photographers the House Reef offers a good variety on macro subjects.

Turtles are a common sight on our House Reef and can be found already in shallow depths. Lionfishes and pipefishes you find in abundance and sometimes you can see frogfishes and pygmy seahorses.

During office hours our guests can make individual dives on our house reef, using the buddy system.



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Night diving in Moalboal offers rich marine life and spectacular colors. You can observe lionfish hunting, colorful feather stars, turtles, different shrimps and crabs.

Most of our night dives are conducted at our House Reef which guarantees easy access during high tide with only a mild current or no current at all.

Night dives during the IDIC or PADI Advanced Open Water Course are all conducted on our house reef to make the first night dive an easy and enjoyable experience.