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Moalboal is the only place in the world where divers can see enourmous shoals of sardines during the whole day any time of the year.

The sardines form incredible shapes and if you are lucky they even make a heart for you as pictured by our guest KC Tan on one of our sardine dives.

The sardines are located just a few hundred meters away from our Dive Shop and we offer regular dives with this natural phenomena.


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These weird and wonderful creatures are regular visitors to our reefs.

The most common frogfish in Moalboal is the giant frogfish which can be found sitting between grey sponges at Pescador Island.

But you can find different species of frogfish on our dive sites  including warty frogfish, painted frogfish, occelated frogfish…


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These colorful fish of the dragonet family have found their home on our House Reef and can be easily visited during a shore dive.

The mandarin fish hide between corals during day and emerge before sunset. So the best time to dive with the mandarin fish is between 5.30 and 6.00 pm.

Just before the sun sets you may encounter the famous mating dance of the mandarin fishes before the night settles over the coral reef.


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The pygmy seahorse is the smallest member of the hippocampus family and can be found in gorgonian sea fans at depths ranging from 16m – 30m.

In Moalboal you can find the Pygmy seahorse denise which grows up to 2.4cm and has an orange or red color variation. The pygmy seahorse is a must for every photographers portfolio and a beautiful animal to observe.


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The flame file shell is without a doubt the most colorful vivid member of it’s family. It is usually found in caves and overhangs embedded in the wall and only recognized when  you shine a flashlight on it.

Tongo Sanctuary is the perfect place for finding flame file shells, several clams sitting right next to each other waving their dazzling array of orange/red tentacles and displaying a vibrant white line running through the shell which looks like an electric current.


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A stunning reef inhabitant, the lionfish is an impressive reef fish which can be observed on all our dive sites during day and night.

In Moalboal you find a wide range of lionfish coming in all sizes and colors ranging from nearly black to bright red. During night the lionfish is more active and can be observed hunting for smaller coral fish.


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Moalboal offers a great variety on anemone fishes, about seven different species of anemone fishes can be found on our dive site.

Always a highlight for photographers and video enthusiasts and without a doubt the star of every underwater film is the famous clown fish which can be found on most of Moalboal’s dive sites.


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Some of our divers say „I would never have thought I see this species here“ or “ I have done thousands of dives and never found this animal before“. So it must be true, Moalboal is always good for a surprise.

So be prepared to find the unexpected, as you never know what might cross your path along the rich Moalboal coral reefs. Through the years we found, blue ring octopus, harlequin shrimps, ribbon eels, coleman shrimps, mimic octopus, spanish dancer, rare nudibranch…


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The online reefguide from Joris Rombouts will help you to identify most underwater creatures that you have observed on your dives. In detailed images, the characteristics of each animals is shown  and therefore most species can be easily identified. In addition, you can watch videos from Klemens Gann which also help with the identification of the species.