Diving Blue Abyss Dive Shop Moalboal

Diving in Moalboal, we have 12 official dive sites  all marked with anchor buoys to protect the sensitive reefs.

All divers pay a marine park fee and can therefore visit all dive sites. 

We offer 2 boat dives in the morning at 8.30am and 1 dive in the afternoon, to all Moalboal dive sites which are reached within 5 – 20 minutes. Our maximum dive time is 60 minutes or 50 bar remaining tank pressure.

All our guests are accompanied by experienced Instructors and Divemaster which work with us for more than 20 years.

The dives are limited to a maximum depth of 40 meters. All boat dives are accompanied by  experienced Instructors or Divemasters who will show you the exiting marine life. 

During office hours our guests can make individual dives on our house reef, using the buddy system.

Night dives during the PADI Advance Open Water Course are all conducted on our house reef to make the first night dive an easy and enjoyable experience.


Diving in Pescador offers a huge variety on both soft-and hard corals, as well as overhangs crevices, steep drop off’s and beautiful coral gardens on the reef shelf.
The wall is decorated with black corals, sea fans, sponges, feather stars and breathtaking soft corals.
Expect to find schooling Snappers, Anthias in purple and orange color, Scorpion fish, Frogfish and sometimes even a Leaf Fish or Spanish Dancer.
A special feature is Pescador „ Cathedral“ a vertical chimney that starts at 18m and you can exit at around 30m.


A heaven for macro photography. Here you can find real rarities like Xeno Crabs, Soft Coral Crabs, tiny Frogfish or even a Blue Ringed Octopus. Green Turtles are seen on nearly every dive and in the afternoon Hawksbill Turtles can be observed feeding on sponges. Dusk and night dives can present Mandarin Fishes and the hard to find Harlequin Shrimp. A dive on the House Reef can be done at any time of the day and is easy to access.


Probably the most colorful dive site in Moalboal due to a huge variety of soft corals and Reef Fish. The shallow part of the reef is covered with sand where you can find Flounders and sometimes a Devilfish. This sandy slope continues to a depth of around 25 m where you encounter rock boulders with breathtaking Soft Corals in breathtaking colors. Here the wall drops of into greater depths. On the sandy ledge you see Scorpion Fish and Garden Eels and along the drop off different kind of Triggerfish and Fusiliers.


The reef top provides plenty of habitat for smaller marine life such as Pipefish, Lionish and Pufferfish. At a depth of about 26m, the steep wall offers many overhangs in which Nudibranches and various Shrimps are found.Whip corals and Tube sponges give the steep wall breathtaking shapes and colors and sometimes in Gorgonian sea fans Pygmy Seahorses can be found.


Another steep wall with lots of Black corals and Gorgonians. In the shallows you may find juvenile Reef Fish and many Gobies with their Shrimps. Along the drop off there are sometimes schools of small Barracudas and you may even see a Spanish Mackerel hunting in the blue.


This is the best protected  Marine Sanctuary in Moalboal which offers great diving and a wide variety of Fishes including, Milk Fish, Snappers, Sweetlips, Triggerfish, Batfish…This reef has many overhangs and crevices where you have a good chance to find Green Turtles resting. Black Corals, Seafans and Sponges decorate the wall and in the blue schools of Squid drifting in the open sea. Fantastic Soft Corals are growing along the steep drop off in red and yellow colors.


Tuble is a dive along a steep drop off. In greater depths sometimes Pygmy Seahorses can be found. Along the wall you encounter Seasnakes, Nudibranchs, Lionfish and Pipefishes.


In shallow depths you find mostly Hard Corals like Table- and staghorn Corals. Juvenile Batfish and Lionfish find a good shelter here and in the sandy areas you may find a Seagras Ghostpipefish or Ribbon Eel. Along the wall you see Sea Fans and Soft Corals as well as Sponges. Nudibranches, many different Anemone Fishes, Mantis Shrimps a good selection of Shrimps and Crabs and many sand dwelling creatures can be found here. In a depth of around 20m you can a small airplane wreck which attracts multiple marine life.


Also a steep drop off which has sandy outcrops and a few overhangs. Often you can see Batfish here and sometimes Barracudas. At the wall you see Feather Stars, Black Corals, different Anemones and some smaller Reef Fish. On top of the reef you find Hard Corals and often Turtles.


Saavedra Fish Sanctuary has wonderful Hard Corals which cover the entire shallow reef plateau. Groupers, Snappers and Sweetlips are regular visitors as well as as juvenile Mackerel. Turtles are seen frequently and at depths about 30 m huge Gorgonian sea fans decorate the wall and offer a fantastic panorama.